The Best Dresses by shape: Golden Globe Edition

Posted on January 10 2016

The red carpet is so fun to watch because most of us will never wear a dress that schmancy…but if you did, here's our picks for super glam style based on body shape. 

X Shape: Rosie's got this one with a dress that leads with her curves, a deep V, and fabric that drapes beautifully and defines the waist. 

H Shape: The ruffles and high neckline add feminine flair and that belted waist serves to create a waist on a body shape that is defined by a lack thereof. It's the sweetest dress. 

A Shape: Jennifer always makes an impact and she knows her body. The higher neckline and cape-let effect create 'visual weight' on the upper half of the body that expertly balances out her famous curves. 

V Shape: A deep V is the V Shape's best neckline. Paired with dramatic volume on the bottom half, this number is a win. 

O Shape: Amy's dress was getting the meme treatment as soon as she stepped out…but it's a great cut for O Shapes with the colour blocking and waist definition. Maybe that black & white is just a tad nun-ish (although we're pro for the record). Viola Davis is one of the woman of the night for GG15 and her dress uses pattern to expertly play up her curves. 

Now may the best dress win. 

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