Meet the Spring Stylesmiths

Posted on March 18 2016

When we started Smithery, our goal was to take the guesswork out of shopping online for every body shape. That’s why we curate, style and model all of our clothes on women of different body shapes. 

We know that one of the first things a stylist does is figure out her client's body shape and recommend cuts that flatter it, so we set out to recreate that service in an online experience by providing an easy-to-use Shape Finder and allowing you to shop the site by that shape. 

Along our journey we have been meeting and getting feedback from some of the most inspiring, successful, humble and gracious gals that we were inspired to invite them to be stylesmiths and model the Spring collection with us. 

We are very excited to have worked with and introduce to you, our 'real women' models representing the 5 body shapes of X, H, A, V, O. Over the next few weeks we'll be profiling them individually on our channels (including this blog), but here's a quick snapshot of who they are. We hope you’re as captivated by their accomplishments as we are and can relate to the some of the styling challenges they all face (just like us!) every day. 

A big thanks to these ladies who listened to Bieber on repeat with us and are brave enough to share their measurements so you can shop your shape. 

Our X Shape model who admitted that her daily running schedule influences her wardrobe...and maybe not for the best
Aylin: @cabellobycarolina

founder of Cabello by Carolina, hairstylist and runner

Cabello by Carolina


Our H Shape model who squeezed in the shoot right before grabbing a train back to the books at school in Montreal
Sasha: @sasha.mei
student behind the lifestyle blog

tees and coffee


Our A Shape model who after a lot of hard work and planning has created a life that allows her some work/life balance
Janine: @tonicliving
founder of Tonic Living, curated fabric collection

Tonic Living


Our V Shape model who admits that her favourite part of the food biz is 'food content', styling and photographing her creations
Julie: @julie_miguel_
host | food stylist | food blogger @dailytiramisu 

 Daily Tiramisu

Our O Shape model with her bubbly nature and up-for-anything attitude has us in stitches all day long
Chantal: @chantsy
Creative Director and Editor at



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