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Posted on March 30 2016

Ever since Sasha Huebener’s mom read her the leggings riot act, there’s been no looking back for this blogger babe. We love that the woman whose effortlessly chic style we oogle on insta wasn’t always so. It shows that you can grow into your personal style,  learn what works best for your bod, and evolve your closet. That’s why fashion is so fun.

This Toronto gal is finishing her degree in English Lit at McGill and we snagged her for our spring shoot while she was home visiting friends. We’re going behind the lens to share more about our H Shape Stylesmith.

When in Montreal...

Sasha is a coffeeaholic which means her blog,, is the place to discover sweet little cafes around Montreal.


Guilty as charged. Sasha admits that 95% of her wardrobe is black and in fact, we totally support that because having a personal uniform that works for you is one of our biggest styling principles. So we eased her in with navy culottes and a charcoal crop top and graduated to a swingy cape top that’s JLo-esque in a colour we call Brazillionaire. Sneaky!

On H Shape dressing

Sasha is a classic H shape with her shoulders, waist, and hips all approximately the same width which creates a column like effect. Her goals are to use texture, shape, and colour (!) to create the illusion of a waist. Or alternatively to use scale and proportion to hide the waistline, or lack thereof, altogether. One of her go-to’s is a pair of higher waisted denim flares which should be in every H Shape’s closet.

Here's a clip of Sasha from our Spring shoot talking about tips for dressing for a H body shape: 

This Stylesmith's picks

Sasha brought home the High Waisted Shorts ($89) from LA label Bishop & Young and the Dawn Striped Top ($60) from a Denmark brand new to our roster. You can watch for how she styles them on her feed @sasha.mei.

The Chief Stylesmiths

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