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Posted on April 04 2016

After a few emails back and forth, we met Chantal in her home town of Ottawa in the middle of a winter snowstorm and one of our coldest weekends of the year. But that didn't slow her down one bit! She is the person in the room that everyone gravitates towards, open-minded, strong, opinionated and hilariously funny. 

It gave us an insight to the girl who within a year has launched her personal and unique brand with mucho success. is a fashion and curvy style blog where Chantal proudly shows off her girly side and shares her XL fashion secrets to make the world a trendier place for women of ALL shapes and sizes. How could we resist having her work with us?! 

We’re going behind the lens to share more about our O Shape Stylesmith.

How she handles it all...
Aside from her blog, Chantal has a full time gig as a digital strategist, is a mom (and wife) to a cute little boy, Victor, is a make up artist, an Addition Elle ambassador, CTV Morning segment host AND spends her evenings hanging with the likes of Sophie, yes theeee Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. Her secret, she loves it all and so none of it feels like work!

On O Shape dressing
As an O shape, Chantal's top half appears larger than her bottom half (similar to the V). With a voluptuous chest and amazing legs, her goal is to find tops that don't pull or tug, (think deep V's or wider necklines), visually elongating styles using colour or patterns and to avoid those shapeless pieces that just well...make you look shapeless. Chantal has the rules down pat and we love how she turns basics into endless cute outfits. 

Here's a clip of Chantal from our Spring shoot talking about the piece she ended up liking more than she thought she would!

This Stylesmith's picks

What didn't Chantal bring home? We're glad she loved the Spring collection as much as we did!! Here's a breakdown of the pieces that you may see her sporting on her IG account @chantsy

Maxi Dress ($90) - is a dress or is it a vest? Yes, you can wear it as both!

Dynna Dotted Sweatshirt ($75) - a great lightweight piece to layer over shirts

Cannes Moto Jacket ($120) - this one has proven to be pop-u-lar

Dena Dolman Blouse ($99) - this hi-low beaut is comfy and tailored

Academy Knit Tank ($53) - hip friendly with side splits & bra friendly with wider straps

OK, she also got her hands on a couple of other items that we haven't even launched yet! We'll update here once those are available for purchase. 

The Chief Stylesmiths

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