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Posted on April 12 2016

After exchanging emoji's back and forth on Instagram, we woo'd Julie into participating in our Spring photo shoot. She agreed, because like so many other women, she loves clothes and fashion but is busy (very very busy!) and has no time to shop. Something we heard time and time again on our journey to launching Smithery. 

Julie was a firecracker on set and like the other girls, up for anything. We now know her secret, it's that energetic personality and passion for what she does. Can we bottle that up?!

We’re going behind the lens to share more about our V Shape Stylesmith.

H or V body shape?
Like many V shaped ladies, Julie originally thought she was a H (where your shoulders, waist and hips are generally the same size, creating a column like affect). It was only after asking her some specific questions (do you often need a bigger size on top than the bottom? do you have a flatter bum, but a medium to full chest?) and grabbing her exact measurements, did we confirm in fact she was a V. It's not a science ladies (only 1 in 10 women know their shape), but once you know it, getting dressed becomes a lot more fun! To help you start figuring out what yours is, we've got a Shape Finder on the site.  

Food content...
We love that Julie created a career based on her passion. She is a self-taught chef, has trained with 
many well-known chefs and now has experience hosting, food journalism (check out her DELICIOUS blog Daily Tiramisu), recipe development, branding, food styling, and photography. With her hands in so many pots (pun intended!), we wanted to know what she loved best. 

Here she talks to us about her love for 'food content':

PS If you have a hunch that you recognize her from somewhere, she was on the first season of Masterchef Canada. 

On V shape dressing
With broader shoulders, a V shape wants to create proportion with their lower half. They get to play with pattern and volume when it comes to pants, skirts and dresses. With great gams, V's also get to rock the ever hard-to-wear white jeans. Bring on Spring!

Case in point, the day we posted a shot of her in our tie waist dress (think volume, and interesting detail on her lower half) we sold out of two sizes!

This Stylesmith's picks

Here are two of the pieces Julie brought home with her. And we were so happy to see on her IG @julie_miguel_ that she sported her Minimalist tee recently to cook in the Princess Margaret Home Lottery kitchen. 

The Minimalist Tee ($64) - add some neutral to your closet without going the traditional black and grey route. 

Tie Waist Tank Dress ($80) and we've still got larges left! 

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