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Posted on May 11 2016

We’ve long admired Janine’s shop and her mantra for it, "we treat others the way we like to be treated." And when you meet her in person it’s literally impossible not to hit it off with Janine. We quickly found more common ground as the concept of Smithery was a relevant topic for her and we appreciated (and sympathized) with her candid feedback on her experiences shopping online and in general. A match made in heaven!

We’re going behind the lens to share more on what we admire about our A Shape Stylesmith.

We asked Janine and all of our ladies to let go of so many inhibitions throughout the process of shooting them for the Spring collection. In order to benefit you, the shopper, we asked them to provide all of their measurements (and post them online for the world to see!), try on multiple pieces of clothing while we judged whether or not we thought they worked and finally, posted these images across all of our online properties with no retouching, pinning or clamping clothing in order to stay true to our brand. At each step of the way, Janine would always graciously just go for it. Thank you! 

Janine and her partner Jon own and manage Tonic Livingan online and retail store in Toronto that curates a drool worthy selection of fabrics for the home. In a typical week, she'll spend her mornings in her home office taking care of paperwork and the million tasks on her plate and head to the store location in the afternoons to take care of those other million tasks. But, by design, the store is open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm in order to create some type of balance in her and her employees’ lives. Did we mention how much we love how she runs her business?! 

Styling Tips for A body shapes
Here's a clip of Janine talking about what she learned about dressing for the A body shape. 


This Stylesmith's picks

Here's a breakdown of the pieces that you may see her sporting on her IG account @tonicliving. Pssst, also keep your eyes peeled on her account for a Smithery give away coming soon.

Wanderer Blouse ($67) - so lightweight going into the Spring/Summer months

Petal Tank ($30) - she got it in both white and soft grey because you can wear it under or on it's own

Kirin Kimono ($60) - ladies have been picking this up for the cottage season

The Chief Stylesmiths


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  • Janine: May 11, 2016

    What a pleasure it has been to get to know you and work with you. Also…I’m sooooo telling everyone about Smithery . ?

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