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Posted on May 26 2016

Not only is Aylin Carolina Abraham (pronounced A-LEAN) an accomplished and creative hairstylist, running the show over at Cabello by Carolina, she is the most adorable, down to earth human being there is. We spent the day bossing her around on set ('pose this way', 'try on this') and even when the tables were turned (we let her boss us around for a Behind the Chair series that will be coming out soon on her blog), her easy going attitude makes working with her, well, so just so damn 'easy'!

So here's a little bit more about about our X Shape Stylesmith.

Run Run Run
Aylin runs Every. Single. Day. and her go-to style is deeply influenced by this. So we helped her find pieces that were simple to throw on and replicated the comfort of her running gear, while still flaunting her X shape curves and feeling put together for client visits and events. Think circle hem tees, comfy, yet figure flattering skirts and lightweight sweatshirts. 

Creative Powerhouse
Taking her love and skill for hairstyling, Aylin has created a niche for herself in what some may consider an over saturated market. She doesn't work out of a salon, instead visis clients homes and attends events to work on her creations. She specializes in braids and if you didn't think you were a braid person, she knows exactly what braid works for you and you'll end up falling in love with it. AND not only that, but she shares all of that inspiration on a beautifully curated blog and Instagram account. Oh and did we mention she manages to squeeze in running every single day!

Here she is talking about the Behind the Chair series we mentioned above. 


This Stylesmith's picks

Here's a breakdown of the pieces that @cabellobycarolina brought home. You can see exactly what they look like on her because she's our real woman model for each:

Stripey Shifty ($95) - dress it up for weddings, dress it down for errands

Lavish Skirt ($57) - if you spend most of your time in sneakers, then you are going to love this skirt made out of the most comfy material

Bastille cardi ($61) - we have 1 left and we're not surprised,the cost per waer on a verstile piece like this is unbeatable 

The Chief Stylesmiths

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