When to break the golden rule of closet re-orgs

Posted on April 04 2015

We helped out a friend Ali with a closet consultation. You’ve all heard about the golden rule that if you haven’t worn it in a year, you should let it go. That’s a good one but here are 3 follow up questions we recommend before exiling the item.

  1. Can it be altered simply enough to get a new life? A good example is changing the hem on a skirt. Now make sure you actually go and do it!

  2. Have you not worn it because it’s not your current size? Our body size fluctuates. C’est la vie. If you have a few nice keepers like black pants or a silk blouse but they don’t fit anymore, it’s not bad to hang on to a small collection of ‘goal’ items that you put away on a shelf. But don’t live your everyday with them taking up space in your closet and making it feel like you have nothing to wear.

  3. Does it still give you good vibes? Maybe it’s not getting airtime because you don’t have the right basics to pair with it. A good example is something not as day-to-day like high waisted pants that need a cute sweater of a shorter length or a tuck-in-able tee with a scoop or boatneck.
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