Meet Liz, ladyboss and V Shape Summer Stylesmith

Posted on June 15 2016

Liz is the owner of Unbaked Cake Co. and makes CRAZY delicious 100% gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, vegan and raw treats. They're little works of art that you will not want to share!

While on set we got to taste her talents and ask her a few pieces of advice on how to be a #ladyboss. 

Passion is important because...

It's the force that drives you every day. My business, like many other #ladybosses, started out as a passion project and it's that love and passion for what I do that has pushed it forward and brought me to where I am today. 

The best piece of practical advice I can share is...

Don't be afraid to fail! Everyone does. 

My philosophy when it comes to business is...

Remember to have fun and enjoy the journey. It's so easy to get caught up in the amount of work it takes to run a business and before you know it you are putting in 18hr days, every-single-day and you lose the passion. Take time for you!

This Stylesmith's picks

Here's a breakdown of the pieces that @unbakedcakeco brought home as a V Shape: 

Stripey Shifty ($95) - dress it up for weddings, dress it down for errands

Flying South ($79) - this light and airy skirt is perfect for baby showers, wedding showers and engagement parties

Zepplin Pants ($99) - here's the perfect black pants for the warmer months. Loose fitting and lightweight. 

The Chief Stylesmiths 

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