How to Measure For Your Shape

Posted on April 27 2015

Sometimes looking in the mirror is enough to know your shape. Sometimes you need to measure to be sure. Either way, having your measurements is the best way to get the best fit in your clothes. You know what they say, measure twice & buy once. Here’s how. 

This chart is the same how-to guide that we give the Smithery models. The most important ones for determining your shape are Waist (B), Hips (C) and Shoulders (G). And chest circumference (A) is usually the deal breaker in determining a V or O shape versus the others. Once you’ve got these, the Smithery Shape Finder is even easier. 

Updated measuring guide (July 2015):

Still not sure? Don’t hesitate to send us a picture and any measurements for a complimentary email shape consult

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