Behind The Seams: Julie Miguel

Posted on March 14 2017

Julie was our inaugural V Shape Stylesmith and joined us in studio recently for a refresh of her spring wardrobe. Image consultant Suzanne Colmer of Your Shop Girl and Smithery teamed up to create a new workshop - Finding Your Outfit Formulas - and Julie was our VIP to try it out. Let's go behind the seams on the session! PS - we're now making appointments for those workshops on Apr 20. Click here if you're interested in signing up!

Meet Julie
Julie is the food content producer behind Daily Tiramisu. She's also one of the most vivacious and beautiful (inside and out!) women you could meet. She was on MasterChef Canada, recently launched The Happy Kitchen classes for kids 8-13, and has two young boys of her own. 

Her fashion ask
Easy outfits for on and off the small screen and just plain running around. 

Dressing for her shape
Julie is a compact V Shape which means her shoulders are slightly broader than her hips. V Shapes look especially good in styles that bring visual interest to the bottom half of the body and keep it simple of the top half of the body. Verticals, as opposed to horizontals, are most flattering - think V Necks, vertical stripes, and clean lined jackets and cardis. 

Outfit Formulas
An outfit formula is the go-to combo of pieces that work for your shape and reflect your ideal style. Think of it as the building blocks to create a desired silhouette. When we have a handful of outfit formulas in our back pocket, it makes both shopping and getting dressed wayyyy faster. 

For Julie, we talked about her style icons and played dress up to identify a few of her spring formulas: 
1. A shirtdress 
2. A statement pant + silky top + pendant necklace + jacket optional 
3. A jumpsuit 

Top Tip
The most efficient outfit formula is the one and done. Julie has two in her line up - a dress and a jumpsuit. Less time getting dressed, more time doing. 

Julie's Picks

from left to right: The Waxed Jogger | Waverly Top | Hanna Jumpsuit | Gossip Girl Shirtdress | Peppin Moto Jacket 

Intrigued? We just opened up April 20th for Outfit Formula one-on-one workshops. Book yours here

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