Six Resources For Start Ups & Beginner Bloggers

Posted on February 05 2017

Sharing is caring, ladies. Here's a round up of a few affordable resources that we've used (or wish we would have had!) as we got our e-boutique set up. 

1. Pic Monkey
This program is super cheap (like $5 bucks a month cheap) and is an absolute life saver for us two ladies that don't know how to use photoshop. It's basically photoshop for dummies, allowing you to crop and edit pictures, add text to images, and even create original designs. 

2. How to Gain Insta Followers
Also in the very-valuable-yet-very-cheap-category is this e-guide from lifestyle blogger @sleepisforlosers (It's $4.99!). This is her documentation of what worked for her to go from 0 - 1000 real followers real quick and with authenticity. 

3. Writing Workshop
Every start up site talks about the importance of creating content. But that requires finding your voice and getting confident writing. Lucky for all of us, our friend Vanessa of the blog @josephineacreative life is teaching workshop on kickstarting the creativity of your written word. 

4. Pinterest Prowess
We watched this webinar by Melanie Duncan way back and share it with everyone. None of it is rocket science but she provides practical tips for getting your pinterest page ship shape and keeping the content flowing. 

5. The Art of the Flat Lay 
We've spent way too many hours getting hot and frustrated and super b*tchy trying to assemble the perfect insta pic. So we're bringing in the big guns to help us and anyone like us Feb 10th at our Toronto studio with social media expert Jackie Goldhar

6. This Open Space
Pop ups are fun! Securing a space is not. This site takes the grunt work out by connecting you with local spaces and places that are open to be rented for your event.

What resources have you found super helpful? Don't keep em to yourself, share in the comments below.  

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