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Posted on June 21 2016

We have to admit we were pretty spoiled to not only have 1 lovely lady who makes the most delicious, unbelievably nutritious snacks (think vegan, raw, 100% gluten free) on set, but two!

Not that long ago Alexandra Courts was day dreaming of owning and operating her own kitchen and today that dream has become a reality with Sweet Hart Kitchen.

She truly is an inspiration to all of us out there chasing our dreams. If it's one of those days where self-doubt is creeping in, take a minute to read her pieces of advice on how to fuel that drive. 

Passion is important because...

It gives you the fuel and power to push forward and pursue what ultimately makes your heart skip a beat. Having passion in what you do acts as a personal compass and it can make ideas, vision and dreams (the whole picture!) seem crystal clear. 

The best piece of practical advice I can share is...

There's going to be a feeling of fear in the risk that you are taking to follow your passion. When pushing forward with your business it's important to recognize and embrace those feelings, but never let them hold you back. It's natural to feel resistance to take a leap of faith. But as humans, we are capable of sooo much. So embrace all of the parts of being an entrepreneur and use that to fuel you!

My philosophy when it comes to business is...

Stay true to your vision and what you stand for, why you started. Share that with the world and success will follow. And more importantly always do it with love and kindness. 

This Stylesmith's picks

@alexandracourts couldn't get enough of the Resort Maxi ($95). Although she brought it home in Ocean, take a peek at her rocking the Tropicana print too. 


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