Meet Jessica from, our H Shape Fall Stylesmith

Posted on October 28 2016

Jessica and her family moved from San Diego, California, to Toronto looking for a good school system, financial security and affordable health care. And boy are we glad they did! Jessica brings a fresh and appreciative perspective to raising a family in this neck of the woods on her blog the Glaze Brigade. And her husband even contributes in a section dedicated solely to Dads!  

When we asked her what were the biggest adjustments to moving she replied lack of Mexican food and our Canadian winters (we whole heartedly agree).

Follow Jessica on Instagram to get a taste of her edgy style (which she rocked AND rolled on set). 

Keep reading for more on this Stylesmith:

My “mom” uniform is….

Jeans and always a loose fitting top

The piece of the collection that I could see myself wearing all the time is…

Flow Shirtdress in fact we just mailed her one!

The thing that surprised me about the photoshoot was…

All of the clothes fit! A totally different experience then a retail store. 

Join Jess on insta for a chance to win one a tee from our Mom Tee Collection. Because while she was our H Shape for Fall, Jess is now a beautiful B Shape! Bring on the bump style. Congrats Jess!! xoxo

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