Meet Lisa, ladyboss and X Shape Summer Stylesmith

Posted on July 05 2016

Lisa Labute is the bada$$ founder of The Goods, a salad & smoothie take out counter, catering, and lunch club business on Toronto's Dundas West strip. Her kitchen is truly the most genuine expression of love - for her community, for her craft, and for the magic that good food can bring into our lives. She and her staff (tribe, really, it's the most amazing group of women) make everything from scratch daily.

Lisa comes from an advertising background like us. But she had the courage to pursue her dream long before we did and has been championing the idea of Smithery since before it was anything tangible. She's a fearless leader and friend and seriously knows EVERYONE! (it's crazy, everywhere you go with her fans of The Goods pop up). 

We asked her between takes about the fundamentals of small business. Listen up, this is some sought after advice. 

Passion is important because...

It's the ONLY thing that can sustain the test of the time. The one thing that will keep your attention and focus.

The best piece of practical advice I can share is...

Invest in an accountant to help you with your financials and take care of your books. Even if you think you're too small. Even if you think you can't afford it. You need one. 

My philosophy when it comes to business is...

Everyone makes mistakes. It's part of the journey. What I do is make good use of every mistake I make. Use it to learn from and grow. 


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