Meet Marlissa, ladyboss and O Shape Summer Stylesmith

Posted on July 12 2016


We wouldn't be surprised if you have seen one of Marlissa's bracelets on a friend or co-worker's wrist. And that's because when she set out to create them she wanted to make not only something that was beautiful and unique, but also inexpensive and accessible to everyone. If you need a gift, Mai Lin Jewelry is the answer. The pieces themselves are beautiful and customizable and that packaging!!! So sweet and perfect for any occasion. They are our new go to. 

Have a read of Marlissa's advice on how she achieved success. Once you read this, it will make you want to fill your every day with love, kindness and good intentions! 

Passion is important because...

Passion is everything. Without it, you won't have confidence in what you do, you won't be proud of what you do, and you won't be excited enough to propel you to success. 

The best piece of practical advice I can share is...

Be kind. All-the-time. Period.

My philosophy when it comes to business is...

1. Be grateful (don't take your fortunes for granted)
2. Act with integrity
3. Be fearless
4. Have never ending optimism

This Stylesmith's picks

@mailinjewelry brought home the "easy to wear with anything this summer" Labelle Tank ($63) and the Off the Shoulder Top ($63) cut in our favourite (and universally flattering) circle hem. 

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