Meet Nicole, ladyboss and A Shape Summer Stylesmith

Posted on June 27 2016

We've had a girl crush on Nicole of Bot Communications for such a long time, we were a little over the moon that she agreed to work with us for our Summer shoot.

Our admiration started as we picked up tips and tricks that she shared on mastering your personal brand on social media (she offers courses and classes) and proceeded to fall in love with her behind the lens skills as a photographer. All of these skills are wrapped up in a humble, kind, determined and honest human being. You can't get much better than that can you?!

We really couldn't have given any better pieces of advice then she did. Take a read through and if you want more, be sure to follow her @botcomm.

Passion is important because...

There will be difficult times, wonderful times and moments where you'll question your skills, abilities and even self-worth. Although emotions are fleeting and not permanent you have to find that passion you had at the start to k-e-e-p  y-o-u  g-o-i-n-g. 

The best piece of practical advice I can share is...

1. Start before you're ready
2. Done is better than perfect
3. People will only value you as much as you value yourself!

My philosophy when it comes to business is...

Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle 

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