Ooozing happiness with Stylesmith Jules Whish

Posted on April 24 2017

Cuteness overload!! Spend 5 minutes with Spring Stylesmith Jules Whish, or as the social sphere knows her @heyjules and you will walk away in the best...mood...ever! But don't take our word for it, take the tech company that hired her as a Culture Specialist's instead. Literally, her job is to create a working environment that everyone loves! We can't think of anyone more perfect for the job!
When we shoot our collection each season, one of the unique approaches that we take is that ladies don't get fitted ahead of time, heck they don't even see what they'll be wearing until they show up on set! It's all part of our mission to find styles and cuts that flatter EVERYONE and this is one way to test ourselves to make sure we are staying true to that! So when Jules warned us that she doesn't wear pants...challenge accepted! Here she is looking stunning and comfortable in our Belted Straight Leg Crops (something we're having a hard time keeping in stock). 

We asked Jules a few questions the day of which you can read below or check out her detailed account of the whole experience on her blog (pssst - there's a sweet treat for her followers too). 

What's a fashion challenge you experience as a creative entrepreneur? 
I feel like I have established a very fun, colourful, unique style over the years and sometimes I feel that I can't wear anything subtle or plain. Haha, I know that sounds silly but it's actually true! I definitely feel like I always need to be "on"!
What was your favourite piece from the Spring collection?
I think I have to go with the black boho butterfly dress! It's so fun and colourful and very Spring! See the Belmont dress here

Any advice for women aspiring to break into your field and turn their passion for into something bigger?
Stick with it! Start small, don't expect results right away, but never stop doing what you love! Whether it's big or small scale, you're gonna get there! I always take time for the things I love most (which for me means crafting, creating and spreading a little love and happiness) and once you start to do that, you're golden.
What was the turning point in your life when you knew this talent of yours was something you needed to be part of your daily life?
To be honest, it was always something I loved and came natural to me. My full time job is being a Culture Specialist for a tech company, which means it's my job to make people happy and excited about where they work. When it comes to blogging and crafting, they've been passions of mine for so long! Combine everything and it was a no brainer that my jobs and hobbies needed to be focused on spreading happiness and positivity in all I do :)

What's the biggest compliment someone could give you?
That I make a positive impact on their lives or inspire them in any way. I think it's so cool that social media brings all sorts of people together, and I feel so lucky to have met so many inspiring people online and in real life. Hearing that my posts and quotes inspire people make me so happy!

Is there a personal motto you live your life by? I wrote a little mantra for my blogs a few years ago, and it's totally the mantra and motto of my life! "live life to it's fullest, and do everything with a smile. radiate positivity. always stay inspired, and inspire others. read more books, take more trips and always keep learning. adventure is out there! spread happiness every day and do all things with love. never give up and never grow up. focus on the things in life that make you happy. always say i love you. create, celebrate and never forget how lucky you are. cherish every moment, life is what you make it!"

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