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Posted on January 14 2018

As we hit mid January, aka the month of resolutions, allow us to share anecdotes from our Stylesmiths on what we believe is the most important 'resolution' of all: self love. Because it may be a new year, but it's always the right time to be kind to yourself. Enjoy this collection of beautiful thoughts on self love. 

Lesley of @swellmadeco
Love yourself, like you love your best friend. Forgive her, be real with her, respect her, truly see ALL of her beauty. You deserve the same love you give.

Lisa of @ledolci
Self love is making sure you are happy and smiling before you make anyone else smile. It's contagious once you start smiling from within!

Jamie of @jamiescrimgeour
The only thing stopping you from doing whatever it is that you want to do is you. You just have to get out of your own way. If you want something, ask for it, don’t be afraid of getting a no, don’t be afraid to say no, don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Stay true to yourself, surround yourself with people who support you and just go for it!!!  The secret sauce is to believe in yourself! 

Thalita of @thelearnerobserver
Since my photoshoot with you guys, I look at my Mai Lin bracelet every day and it reminds me to do what I can to feel THAT good again. That day shifted something in me. I've had a really hard time accepting my body after a twin pregnancy, but when I look at the photos from that day and the bracelet, I feel a sudden urge to get back to that feeling of actually loving my body as is. So now, rather than telling myself that this year I'll lose weight or fit into a size whatever, I've decided to focus on the little things that make me feel like myself. Washing my face in the evenings and putting on a really nice face serum, doing my hair, occasionally wearing makeup even if I'm just staying home with the kids all day. I do these things for me, and not for any other reason. You guys got me on that path, and I am forever grateful to you for that!

Jules of @heyjulesxo
I've always been a really positive person. No matter what life has thrown at me, I've made it a priority to see the good in everything and everyone. As I get older, I've realized the importance of keeping that positive mindset when it comes to self-love too, which has always been a bit of a struggle for me. I am not one for resolutions, but I am most definitely one to set and crush goals (one of my favourite things to do to be honest). In 2018, more than ever, self love will be top of mind for me. From eating healthier, finding creative ways to stay active, taking more time to relax, recharge & have "me time", and of course learning to love myself no matter what. I feel beyond thankful to be surrounded by so many beautiful and inspiring women in my life who empower me to love myself as much as I love others. I hope 2018 is the year we all accept our beauty and differences and learn to love and embrace them

Leisse of @leissewilcox
We spend so much of our lives looking outside ourselves for happiness: maybe this relationship will make me happy, maybe this vacation will make me happy, maybe this job will make me happy.  And for awhile those things do allow us to find sparks of happiness, as we figure out what - and who - it is we really want in our lives.  The freedom of true self love though, comes from realizing that all our happiness is found WITHIN.  You already have everything you need inside you - you really do!  The magic and love and joy you’ve been relying on someone else, somewhere else, something else to provide is there not to CAUSE love and happiness, but to enhance what you already have.  It’s all inside YOU.  That feeling of calling yourself home regardless of where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing is, I think, the true point of arrival of deep and genuine love of self.
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One of my favourite quotes: "Try seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who admires you. They get it. They believe in you, leaps and bounds. They aren't connected to your insecurities and negative beliefs about yourself. All they see is your true glory and potential. Become one of your own die-hard fans. Look at yourself from the outside, where all your self doubts can't crawl all over you, and behold what shines through." ~ Jen Sincero
I think as women we spend so much time comparing ourselves to others, how we measure up and where we are falling short. We spend so much time obsessing about what we are "not" instead of celebrating all that we are. It's all about perspective and how we choose to look at ourselves, accept ourselves, speak to ourselves and love ourselves. I think this is the year we all need to start redefining our rules, beliefs and expectations and start living a life a little more on our terms by changing the inner dialogue and conversation we are having with ourselves. 
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