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All You Are Robe

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Great on: X, H, A, V, O

Why we picked it: This robe represents Smithery and our customers in so many ways. The All You Are Robe was inspired by women who wake up every morning and choice by choice give the absolute best of themselves all day. Created and designed right here in Canada by our friend Kena (founder of Brika). She thought of every single detail:


  • A built-in belt defines your waist and never gets lost.
  • Slim, three-quarter length sleeves won’t get in your way.
  • Deep pockets are functional without the added bulk.
  • 100% cotton French Terry (sweatshirt material!) is absorbent and cozy but not clingy and fits in a suitcase.
  • And a secret message under the cuff (your possibilities are endless) is a reminder of All You Are.


Colour: Grey / White 

Heather, our X shape model is 5'5 and wearing a size S. The redhead is also wearing a size S. 

Fits true to size.

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