Whether you’re curious about dressing up, dressing down, getting dressed faster or being more deliberate about what your dress says about you...we’ve got this!

Smithery and image consultant Suzanne Colmer of Your Shop Girl have teamed up to create a series of VIP style workshops. We’re offering them to women we admire and would really love to get to know better! Take your pick of three workshop topics and join us to learn some new tricks. Sound good? Here’s how:

  1. choose a topic from the workshop options.
  2. email us to book a 90 minute styling session (need childcare? we can have a sitter on colouring duty no problemo). Style buddies also welcome.
  3. we’ll send you a shortie questionnaire in advance so we can personalize our time together.

there's no pressure to buy at these sessions, but if you do see something you want to take home, workshop attendees get 20% off.


Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is an edited foundation of pieces that are right for your shape and colouring with tons of mix & matchable potential. It's a busy woman's lifeline. Plus, it makes packing a breeze! We want to help you create a capsule that is perfect for YOU! 

How it works:

This VIP session will reveal the principles behind building a capsule. Specifically, we’ll show you how to build a 7-piece Capsule Wardrobe that works for you and for your lifestyle. Learn what a stylist would pick for you and why and walk away with personalized styling notes and insider tips & tricks.

Ideal Style 

You love Pinterest and have pinned a million pictures, but have you ever used it as a recipe for style? Or maybe you have tried it out and found that you were sucked into the rabbit hole of pictures and ended up feeling overwhelmed instead of excited. Let us show you how to use Pinterest to discover what your ideal style is. Not just outfits that like you, but a specific style that you will love back. 

How it works:

Join us to learn how to use Pinterest to discover your ideal style. This hands-on workshop will allow you to walk away with a personalized Pinterest board to help you create a specific vision for your ideal style and a useful shopping guide to get you started. Stop wasting money on pieces that you don't absolutely love (or that don't love you) and start shopping with a goal! 

Finding Your Outfit Formulas 

What if we could help you create a customized outfit formula so you always looked and felt totally put together (even though you only spent 90 seconds getting dressed)? It would be like someone else planning out your meals for the week so you knew exactly what groceries to pick up. Sound good? Perfect.

How it works:

This workshop starts by helping you identify your body shape and the ‘rules’ for your shape. We’ll discuss the image you’d like to project and then identify the specific outfit combinations that are easiest and most flattering for you and your lifestyle. You’ll walk away with a checklist for the building blocks for your best looks and formulas for making outfits.


Smithery is an e-boutique with the goal of democratizing personal styling within retail. We help women figure out their body shape, hunt down the most flattering cuts for women sized 0 - 14, and model those clothes on real women of different shapes and sizes.

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Suzanne Colmer is the owner of Your Shop Girl, a Toronto personal styling and image consultancy with the philosophy of educating and empowering women to help them curate a closet full of clothes they actually love. 

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