host a Sip & Click

an evening of personal styling with your girlfriends

learn about your body shape, discover your most flattering cuts, create a personal uniform, and view the collection live

it's a fun time! here are the need-to-know deets

who can host? We are currently offering this experience in the GTA (or close enough!). Sip & Click parties are great in homes, condo party rooms, studio spaces and even offices.

how many people can I invite? We require a minimum of 10 women in attendance. Typically you can expect 1/3rd to 1/2 of invitees being able to make the night.

what's in the box? A Sip & Click party is easy to host. The party-in-a-box concept includes an invite template, bubbly, body shape consultation station and of course, the Smithery collection.

are there hostess perks? Hostesses receive a $100 gift card with minimum 10 women in attendance.

what do hostesses provide? We bring the night to you. You just need to provide the space for guests and a few racks and a spot for people to try things on. Hostesses are welcome to serve any additional food & drink as they like. We find women are usually so caught up in the night that they don't have much to eat so we recommend keeping it simple.

can we take home what we buy that night? Purchases are boxed up that evening for guests to take home with them or we will mail any pieces for which we didn't have their size on hand. After the event, guests are also mailed personal styling tips for making outfits with each of their new finds.

do you do special events? The Sip & Click party-in-a-box is a fun way to get the girls together and do something a little different. It can be your average Tuesday night or a unique birthday, shower, or a co-worker celebration. If it's a special event, we'll work together to tailor the evening for you.

what happens if I need to cancel? If you have booked a Sip & Click with us and for some reason need to cancel, we ask that you do so at least 1 week in advance. If you need to cancel closer to the date, we can chat one on one about how we cover off any costs incurred for that booking.