Smithery is a new way to shop for clothes online. We're a Canadian e-boutique where the best Go-To's for every body shape are curated, styled, and modeled on real women. As stylesmiths, we're taking the guesswork out of style, size, and fit by supplying the measurements for every model and every item in every size. Our favourite part? Each Smithery box comes with styling tips for your new finds.

What's a stylesmith??
Back in the era of corsets, a smith referred to an expert in their craft. Like a blacksmith or a gunsmith. You can think of us as a modern day stylesmith taking the old school concept of dressing for your body shape into the new school world of online shopping. We help you identify your body shape (only 1 in 10 women know theirs!) and do the shopping for you by hunting down fresh brands with the best cuts to shamelessly flatter our bodies, our friends' bodies' and our friends' friends' bodies..

Why stylesmithing?
Our background is in advertising, branding, and design and in the process of helping clients succeed online, it became obvious to us that there was a gap in the fashion industry. For categories like food or travel, going online gave consumers the tools and services to shop like an expert would. But so many style blogs and e-retailers were still such a buzz kill! They weren't helping people make better choices. Instead they were just offering more choice.

Smithery is the antidote to that online migraine. It's a curated destination using the principles of personal styling to offer the service of simpler and better choices. You can shop your shape with us online or at our Studio.
Our top 3
style beliefs
We should all know how to create personal uniforms that flatter our body shape
A killer closet needs a foundation of Go-To's
No women should ever feel like she has nothing to %#$@^! wear again

Meet the Chief Stylesmiths

We met while working together at a prominent advertising agency in Toronto, lanching some of the most successful campaigns in Canada including multiple websites and apps. Throughout our ad careers, we've discovered a few important things: 1) when you are professionally styled, you feel so confident, 2) a shared belief that a good country song can totally turn your day around and 3) we work really well together!


I buy a lot of clothes. A LOT. Probably the equivalent of executing a clinical study in shopping behaviour. The thing l've learned to be most true is that beautifully made tailored pieces always look and feel the best and stay in your closet the longest. This lifetime study is corroborated with an interior decorating certificate, fashion styling course, and advertising career under my belt. Now, it’s thrilling to have Smithery as a place to channel that passion... okay, obsession... and have a perfect excuse for buying more.

Body Shape: I'm an H which I didn't like when I was younger but love now because my style is to layer a lot and an H shape makes that easy.

Personal uniform for my shape: Form fitting pants and a boxy top.

Best style hack: A white button up with everything. I buy good ones to wear solo and cheapies to wear under things. This is my only quality over quantity rule breaker.

Country Song: Fishin in the Dark. Or, Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off.


I’ve always battled with making a complete outfit which used to lead to me buying straight off the mannequin. You know, the size 0 mannequin that does not resemble my body shape at all. Thing is that I don’t love shopping (it can be depressing), I don’t have time to shop (who does?!) and I never wanted to invest in clothes because I was always on the ‘verge’ of losing those extra pounds (which of course never happened). Now, Smithery is way for me to help make it easier for us fashion-challenged ladies to get dressed everyday... and maybe even a little fun.

Body Shape: I'm an A with a booty that proudly fills out those blue jeans

Personal uniform for my shape: A-line dresses.

Best style hack: Necklaces. I've learned that a necklace can change the entire vibe of an outfit. So i have a mixture of blingy, colorful and basic chains for chameleon-like outfit switch ups.

Country Song: Forever and Ever Amen. Or, Pontoon