You're an "A" if:

Shape Style Profile

You're an A if

  • shoulders are more narrow than hips
  • a defined waist and flatter stomach
  • often small(er) bust
  • hips are the widest part of the body
  • when you gain weight, it shows up first in the thighs and bum

Best Looks

Balance your proportions by creating visual weight on the top half and avoiding anything too tapered or busy on the bottom.

Stylist tip

You wear details on the upper body so well - texture, boat necks, stripes, ruffles. Watch the lines of your shirts to make sure the hem hits higher at your most narrow point (the natural waist) or below your hips so as to avoid creating a horizontal line at your widest point. A good rule of thumb is to go lighter and brighter on top and darker on the bottom.

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