You're an "H" Shape if

- Shoulders, hips, and waist appear all about the same width. If you’re measuring, generally the waist is within 9 inches of the hips and shoulders.

- Little waist definition, creating a column-like effect

- H’s can be either narrow (usually small bust) or more rectangular (fuller bust and a bit rounder tummy and commonly short waisted)

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Stylist Tip

Baggy or shapeless styles look...well, You can create great shape through clever cuts, details around the shoulders and bust, and colour blocking. But keep it simple - nothing too tight, nothing too baggy. And try to avoid detail at the natural waist which will typically only draw attention to the fact that there isn’t much of one.

Best Looks

Create the illusion of volume proportionately in the upper and lower body, in effect drawing in a waist.

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